Friday, January 28, 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage...

...and then what? What if the next part of the story doesn't happen the way you want it to??

My first blog post! Exciting! And a good way to distract myself and get thoughts out of my head without verbally suffocating my husband.

Clearly I was not expecting to get to this point. And I don't want to become some old, cynical, bitter woman...or at least any more of one! So time to empty my bag, so to speak.

I have always been an overachiever and a planner. I accomplished what I wanted to in life: got great grades in high school, went to a fantastic university, travelled, found a boyfriend, found a career, bought a house, got married... And call me naive, but during a pre TTC appointment, I took offense when my doctor told me that she hoped to see me back in "3 to 6 months". Three to six months??? I was one of those people who just knew it would happen after the first month. And here I sit, nearly 2 1/2 years later, still waiting for that 2nd pink line. Ya, definitely naive!!!

So I hope to use this blog as a place to vent out my frustrations, share the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous, and to try to always keep a sense of humour about it all.  Cause some days, you just need to laugh.


  1. Welcome! I am relatively new to blogging as well, but have found a great source of support in this community, I hope you find the same.

  2. I have searched for blogs with someone who has been TTC for 2 years like myself. It's nice to read another person's struggles. I will be 26 this year...married at 21 and thought I too would have NO problem getting pregnant. WRONG! It will be 2years TTC in March for us. I do not have a blog but look forward to reading yours.


  3. Renee1 - thanks for finding me! I hate to hear of your struggles too. I had a hard time finding a blog to read of someone who had been TTC for 2+ yrs and didn't already go through fertility treatments and have a baby. Thought I could start my own. You might find it great to release some stress and vent in your own blog. I'm sure the thing you hear most is not to stress cause you're 'so young'!! Some people tell me that there are so many people having problems TTC because we waited too long in life. Nice eh? Guess there is no perfect age and we all feel pain and frustrations. Good luck to you!

  4. Just found your blog today! I love your response to the 3-6 months comment from your doc. I thought the same thing! I saw her in March and she said "I think January will be your month" My eyes almost bugged out of my head. Turns out she was wrong and January still wasn't my month though...