Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Test or Not To Test…That Is the Question

Let’s just get it out there: I LOVE peeing on sticks!  I never love the results, but it must give me some sick adrenaline rush or otherwise I would never do it! Seeing that stupid 1-line month after month after month is miserable. But there are always a couple of days where I have all the hope in the world and these next few days are them.
 I don’t bother counting days in my cycle anymore, but I always have a pretty good idea when I ovulate (based on those sexy ol’ eggwhites!) so I know that I’m more than a week into my 2ww. I don’t have an exceptionally long leutal phase so I don’t normally make it 14 days. But I like to test before I expect my period, just so I know for sure if I am or not. I don’t want to end up on that show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” – that is a true nightmare for me! So month after month, I pee on that stick and wait to see if that 2nd line will finally show.
So when’s the pee-party? I haven’t decided yet…maybe this weekend, if I make it that far. I’ll either be in a fantastic mood or ridiculously pissed and searching for the ice cream.  And if and when I ever get pregnant, I’m going to pee on a stick every day for 6 months and enjoy those 2 lines, and make up for all those stupid negative tests over the years! Ha!
~ A


  1. Love the idea of POAS every day once you're pregnant :) Totally going to do that WHEN I get the chance!

  2. Ugh...I really do believe it's an addiction! The key is to have an unopen bottle of wine in attendance at every Pee Party and crack that sucker open as soon as you know for sure you're out of the running that cycle.

    LOVE the POAS while pregnant. Genius!

  3. Oh, it's hard not to.. but for me I have been more patient and waited it out for the last 4month or so. Now I find it even harder to get the negative all the time.
    Good luck!

  4. I am also a POAS addict! I don't know how much money I have pissed away! You will get your second line soon!

  5. I used to get so excited and wake up in the middle of the night to POAS but now I end up lying awake in bed not wanting to get up because I know it will be a BFN but I still can't stop myself from peeing... I love the idea of POAS everyday when pregnant, I would never sleep!

  6. Enjoy POAS. I still have the sticks from when I was knocked up before miscarriage, and when I get depressed I look at them and they make me semi-happy.