Monday, February 21, 2011

Square One

Back to it… sitting here with a glass of wine instead of reading a book on pregnancy shows how my weekend went.  Yet another month without those 2 pink lines. You would think after so many months of disappointment that I would be a little more used to it. Guess not. Those last couple of days before my period is ‘expected’ to show, like everyone else, I am at my most hopeful. I am paying attention to every single twinge or new feeling: Hmmm...I’m tired a little earlier tonight, maybe that means I’m pregnant! My sense of smell is so strong these last couple of days, maybe that means I’m pregnant! Then when my period arrives, I feel like an idiot for even thinking I could have been pregnant.
I feel like I’ve tried so many things throughout these last 2 ½ years. I haven’t yet begun any fertility procedures (IUI, IVF etc.) but I feel like I have tried everything else. Everything! I came across this list online and thought it was so perfect:

I especially love the Bad Advice column – laughed at all of those! In all seriousness though, this is actually a very realistic list! I really have tried most of the things on it.
I think that our next step is IUI. I am pretty sure Hubs and I are going to get started on that in the summer. I just keep hoping that it will happen on its own before then. I just need to believe that something will work, and feel like I have tried so much that doesn’t.
Poor Hubs…aside from the moodiness of PMS, he has to deal with the extreme low of CD1. Blah!  


  1. Sorry you didn't get that BFP :( Here's hoping you get it before the summer :) Love the infertility checklist though!! Particularly the crying part, because I cry at just about anything anyway, so this IF stuff has only made that worse!

  2. Sorry you're having a rough time. I HATE CD1-12ish, nothing happening but bad stuff! But at least you can enjoy that glass of wine guilt free! I also love the checklist, I'm pretty sure I've done 90% of those...

  3. Then we are at the same place. It's crazy after 2,5 years that hope is still so strong. Even when told we need help. I could easily have wrote this myself. Hope you feel a bit better today.

  4. Sorry to hear you got the unwelcomed visitor. I've seen that checklist before and still love it! Enjoy an extra glass for me; I think I just started my 2ww.

  5. Love that chart! I could have written it myself at this point. Hope things start to look up for you very soon.

  6. Aw I'm sorry hun! I always go straight for the wine on CD1 too! It's a small consolation.

  7. So very sorry you didn't get the BFP this time around. It's not really much of a consolation prize at all but I do hope you enjoyed that glass of wine. That checklist cracked me up when I saw it the first time too - so very true!

    Good luck with the IUI or however you decide to proceed.